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The calibration Game

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This group project was part of my bachelors degree. Besides me, there were four other team member: Dennis Franke, Sören Petersen, Tim Grunwald and Maximilian Töpfer.

calibrationgameIn this little game you had to find your way throu the generated world. As input we took a look of photos form the same object. Bundler generated a pointcloud and placed the images around the pointcloud corresponding to the position of the photos in real world.

Randomly a start image and a goal image are choosen and now you have to find your way from image to image until you reach your destination. tcgwarp

Technical and scientific background

We created this game using python and PyGame. The scientific part was, that in the godmode you could rearange the images and start the pointcloud generation again with the new positions of the image.

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