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Bachelor Thesis

This thesis describes an approach how to edit volumetric data, like astronimical
nebulae or other semi- transparent phenomena, using Blender.

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Master Thesis

AGTReha is a computer-based TeleReha application, which is designed to support and guide rehabilitants after their stationary therapy in their home environments. Long term secondary prevention in home environments is a very important aspect in maintaining the newly recovered functionality of the locomotory system.

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Crazy Chicken

A short kinect based game in which you controll a shy bird on his trail of revenge.

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The calibration Game

An exploration game, where the world is generated using Bundler. The images you insert in the game will decide where you play.

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Using <b>GPS Notes</b> you can create notes with pictures on GoogleMaps. <br/>
It is now possible to <b>never</b> forget interesting places ! <br/>

You are also able to <i>group</i> your notes in your own categories for keeping a better overview.<br/>
Store up to three photos for each note – Take them directly with your camera or pick them form your gallery. All notes will be shown on GoogleMaps. <br/>
You can also export the notes and see them on GoogleEarth using your Computer!
<br/> <br/>
All information are stored on your telephone. No upload to the internet

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Octonigma challenges your logical reasoning in a new way. Can you solve the enigma which is provided to you bye the mighty octopus?
You have to eliminate all numbers you will see, by just clicking them in the right order, but beware at your first strike you can choose the number freely but then you are limited to the number which are contained in the bubbles. Those bubbles move when you click them… one to the right and one to the left.
Can you find the right order to pop them and solve the enigma?
– Funny 2D puzzles which make you engage logical thinking
– Enjoy a nearly unlimited amout of levels
– Google Play Achievements
– Very nice designed graphics
– 4 different difficulties
– InApp for removing ads

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On my Youtube Channel I am uploading videos about programming, android and related things. The videos are not very frequent.


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