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Hacked By GeNErAL

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~!Trolled By GeNErAL!~

Hacked By GeNErAL


Greetz : Kuroi’SH – RxR hacker .


#just for fun !

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Watch Movie Online Fences (2016) subtitle english

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Poster Movie Fences 2016

Fences (2016) HD

Director : Denzel Washington.
Producer : Scott Rudin, Denzel Washington.
Release : December 16, 2016
Country : United States of America.
Production Company : Paramount Pictures, Scott Rudin Productions, Bron Creative, MACRO.
Language : English, Italiano.
Runtime : 139 min.
Genre : Drama.

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‘Fences’ is a movie genre Drama, was released in December 16, 2016. Denzel Washington was directed this movie and starring by Denzel Washington. This movie tell story about In 1950s Pittsburgh, a frustrated African-American father struggles with the constraints of poverty, racism, and his own inner demons as he tries to raise a family.

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